I always run into this problem when I go to create a tag synonym. On the page that lists synonyms, the nice, clear, and useful terms Master and Synonym. However, on the Create Tag Synonym page, different and more ambiguous terminology is used: Target Tag and Source Tag. I can see two ways of interpreting this more ambiguous terminology:

  • Target is the Synonym for the Master Source
  • Target is the Master for the new Source Synonym

Crop it up to the kind of inane issues I have to deal with in my day job on a regular basis, and the kinds of wacko problems that occur due to ambiguity, and the necessity of seeing both sides of the story when such issues arise....anyway.

Could we use the same terms on the Create Synonym page as on the listing page: Master and Synonym? That eliminates any ambiguity.

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    Hell yes, confuses me too. – rfusca May 15 '12 at 2:34

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