Is there an easy way to find answers that are step-by-step walkthroughs to a question?

Here's an example of what I mean by step-by-step walkthroughs:


Perhaps this is something we could do for the blog - reword some of the best walkthrough answers into articles (I saw reword, as the question wouldn't be there)


From my experience here (and other SE sites that may have step-by-step walk through) you just have to search for what you are looking for and see if someone has provided a step by step guide. You can always comment and ask the person answering to explain a bit more or to provide steps or you can ask the question yourself (granted that it is on topic and not a duplicate) and ask for someone to provide step by step instructions as a part of the answer.

Edit: Per my question here and the answer provided you can do a search with the following: is:answer walkthrough though for this to be effective for searching keywords would need to be added.


Why not have a new tag? As we find existing answers add the step-by-step tag to those that warrent it?

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