This is the place to submit and vote on photos to be featured on the the main site. This contest should showcase your best quality work, demonstrating at least moderate skill with a camera and a general understanding of the artistic aspects of photography. Remember, the selected photo will be displayed on our main site header for a week. Submit something that you and the members of our site will want to look at and admire for seven days! This contest is for the community to choose what they LIKE (not what they dislike), so downvotes aren't allowed — see below for more.

Contest Format

Starting in December 2012, this contest follows a new perpetual format with continuously-rolling voting. Submit and vote on photos whenever you like. Every Monday (give or take; it's done by hand when site moderators have a spare moment), the top-voted image will be selected as the winner, and:

Then, the contest will continue with the remaining photos in the thread.

(Note that the themed photo contest will work on a different scheme.)

Voting Rules

  • Vote up as many images as you like.

  • Make sure to look at the "active" tab for this question to see new submissions.

  • Up votes only! Do NOT vote down your competitors! If you don't like an image, don't vote. (If you notice a downvote on an entry, make a note in a comment, and that will be taken into account when the weekly winner is selected.)

  • When you vote, consider the small size primarily, even if a larger image is linked. This contest's primary function is to select a header image, and we need the winners to be successful at that size.

Submitter Rules

  • Showcase your best work in any genre of photography by providing your image inline in an answer.

  • You may enter one photo per week. This is on the honor system, but abuse will eventually earn a strong talking-to.

  • Don't re-enter the same photo. Since the contest is continual, there's no need. You may withdraw an image from the contest at any time by deleting the answer.

  • You may edit your entry to fix problems or to add missing information, but don't switch the photo itself for a different one, or make gratuitous edits simply to "bump" the entry.

  • Images must be 210 px high and up to 375 px wide. This is the requirement for the header. Please feel free to provide a link to a larger version, but as explained above, the primary focus is on the header image.

  • For the same reason, images must be in landscape orientation.

  • Images must not contain any artificially added borders, watermarks, or decorations of any kind.

  • Do not use this as a forum for photo critique. Use chat instead, or ask a specific question about your image on the main site.

  • The submitted image must conform to this site's content license, cc-wiki with attribution required. If you're not comfortable with that, this isn't the contest for you.

Submitter notes

Be patient! This contest is relatively obscure, and it takes a while for images to accumulate votes. It's normal for really excellent images to have only one or two upvotes even after a time. The format of the contest should let them rise to the top eventually.

Feel free to include a concise description that explains the image, the emotions behind it, and so on, and perhaps some explanation of gear and exposure settings. This site is a collaboration for teaching and learning, so it's great to know those things — but it's not required for the contest.

When we get up and running with featuring these photos on the blog, this will provide the opportunity to go into more depth and to engage in conversation about your work.

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    As with all past contests, I'd like to stress the up-vote only policy. Let's keep our contest cordial. This is not a place for critique or a forum within which to express dislike, choose what you like, have fun, and let the contest roll! – jrista Dec 4 '12 at 22:22
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    Please use this thread for discussion of what we should do about the PotW contest threads going forward. I agree that there are issues involved with a single everlasting thread, and we should be open to suggestions. – jrista Apr 8 '14 at 0:16
  • I suspect very few people are digging down to the bottom - based on dates and my past upvotes on other pictures and where they are in the heap now. A link to the entry page may help (or may exist and I've missed it). Something like ENTRIES START AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE - HAVE A LOOK – Russell McMahon Oct 9 '14 at 13:27
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    @RussellMcMahon It does say Make sure to look at the "active" tab for this question to see new submissions. which is like that but better. :) – mattdm Oct 9 '14 at 13:33
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Sunset at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

enter image description here

Larger version on Flickr.

enter image description here

enter image description here

ISO 320 
1/800 @ 24mm

Camera: Canon 600D, Lens: 40mm F/2.8 EF, Shutter: 1/4000, Aperture: f/2.8, ISO: 100

Paddy field

Camera: Canon 600D Lens: 40mm F/2.8 EF Shutter: 1/4000 Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 100

Click here to view full size view

Charco de la laja

Charco de la laja. Tenerife. Spain.

Took this at sunset with a Haida Big Stopper at sunset (sun behind me). This is a beautiful natural poool formed by the sea filling that natural hole (hence the effect of the silky water going in and out). Beautiful place.

Bigger image in my 500px.

  • Hey! Nice picture. Was this an HDR? – Ari Ben Canaan Jul 26 '15 at 15:18

Zosterops lateralis

enter image description here

f/2.8 70mm


enter image description here

Female sparrow telling a male sparrow that she was taking over his bread.
He left. Sigma 70-200mm, f/2.8 + Tamron 2x teleconverter.
More mm needed - birds always need longer lenses :-).

Eiffel Arch

Eiffel Arch

An arch of the Eiffel Tower.

Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Aperture: f/7.1
Shutter: 1/160 sec
ISO: 400

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

I came across this guy while hiking after a thunderstorm. I was lucky enough to get a few photos before he jumped into a nearby stream.

Soft Sun

Soft Sun

Nikon D610, 1/1250, f/9.0, ISO 200

Exposure correction and sharpening done in Lightroom.

Large Version: Flickr

Lumiere London: Festival of Light

Lumiere London: Festival of Light

Arches of Light

Arches of Light

Original on flickr

This shot was taken from the porch of a church in Borgo Schirò, an abandoned village in the inland of Sicily, a dark place far away from the artificial lights, and a little closer to the stars.

It shows how the stars in the sky apparently move as time goes by. At the same time, it's an opportunity to think how a once alive place can ruin after people leave it.

Stack of about 350 shots of 30s, taken from 21.00 to 00.06, developed in Lightroom Classic and merged in Photoshop.
Canon EOS 550D camera, Tamron 10-24 mm @10 mm and f/4, 30s, ISO 3200.
Before merging the full set of shots I reviewed each image and masked out any track of planes and satellites passing across the frame.



This pic is a reflection of First Church of Christ, the Scientist @ Boston, MA.

It is captured against the reflection pond and rotated 180 degrees. (using a 5 MP phone cam)

The backdrop of nightly colors and the church lights reflecting off the water make it appear dreamy.

Waterfall at Lumsdale

Waterfall at Lumsdale

Original on Flickr

enter image description here

Horses nibbling each other in a field in Ireland.

Nikon D7000; AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G

Shot at f/3.5, ISO 400, 1/1000 s.



Canon EOS 60D, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM, ISO 100, f/5, 1/400s

Larger version on 500px

  • Hi Frank! I see you've posted here before so you probably heard of the size rules. Could you apply them to this post as well please? – Saaru Lindestøkke Sep 10 '14 at 13:25
  • Sorry, I used the wrong export option. Corrected the size now. – Frank Sep 10 '14 at 14:45

enter image description here

Nikon D800
340mm (70-200 2.8 with 1.7x extender)
1/4000 f5.6 ISO 400

Chicago Air and Water Show...

Full size image here

  • Nice shot. I'd recommend a slower shutter speed for propeller-driven aircraft, so you don't freeze the props. Blurred prop discs imply speed and motion, and tend to look like what we expect when our eyes see prop planes flying. Still, impressive detail with a teleconverter! – scottbb Apr 4 '17 at 14:25
  • I know. It's a tradeoff between an imperfect pan and blurred props. From this angle they aren't a problem for me. I have some from Oshkosh that could have used a slower shutter speed. – BobT Apr 4 '17 at 17:52
  • I hear you on the panning. It's tiring and hard on the back to get a perfect pan at slow shutter speeds! – scottbb Apr 4 '17 at 18:22

Rope and block

Rope and block

Rope and block on a ship in the harbour in Västerås.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens: Sigma 50-500 mm f/4-6.3 APO DG
Focal length: 191 mm
Aperture: 7.1
Shutter time: 1/320 s
ISO: 100

Larger image

Atlast it settled down in one place for a shot.

enter image description here

Jumping Spider

enter image description here

Focus-stacked from 2 images, Full resolution here.

  • That looks pretty dead... – Riot Nov 1 '16 at 16:56
  • It's not. Catching the right moment is part of the fun of taking this kind of pictures ;-). – Matthieu Moy Nov 2 '16 at 8:18

Rocky Beach

Beach in a Glass
Or: chia seeds in fruit and vegetable juice

Larger version with all details in metadata

  • Please don't downvote photos. The rules specify that you only upvote, or abstain from voting. Note to the Judges, this image currently has a downvote. – Alan Jul 26 '15 at 15:40

The power of speed flash

speed flash

  • @scottbb corrected! – Maulik V Sep 14 '16 at 11:29

Sunset at Moorea (2011-03-16)

Sunset at Moorea

Panasonic DMC-FX01, 1/60s, 8.1mm, ISO 80 (The scenery became even more "firey" a few minutes later, but lacking use of a tripod those pictures are not usable for a competition)

Grounded at Guangzhou

Taken while (as the name states) grounded at Guangzhau airport for a few hours during a lightning storm.

I didn't have my tripod with me and these were 0.3s exposures, so to work around this (and also avoid glare off the window's glass), I took the photos with the camera lens pressed firmly against the glass. -- Work's wonders for omitting glare entirely!

Thankfully I had a ~$15 Lightning Trigger in my camera bag, I still got hundreds of false-positives, but the lightning storm was consistent enough that I got some really nice shots.

I really like the shine on the runway, and the fact that you can even see the reflection of the bolt in the bottom!

Touched up in Lightroom, I'm still pretty new to lightroom so hopefully I didn't over-do anything.

Canon EOS 60D EF24-70mm
f/2.8L II USM
ƒ/2.8  24.0mm  0.3s  ISO400
  • 1
    Fantastic photo! – AndyT May 22 at 9:44

The Blue Moon

enter image description here

Nikon D7200 Manual ISO320 f/22.0 30sec 17.00mm

That photo lives in this Google Photo Gallery

Full Image:

Taken with: Nikkor 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VRII lens on a Nikon D5200 in Paro, Bhutan.

Exposure: 48mm - ƒ/5.3 - 1/500s - ISO 100

Enhanced in Lightroom.

Story: I was lucky to be present at the National Museum of Bhutan in Paro just at the moment when the Sun pulled off this magnificent light trick. That combined with the beauty of the land creates this magical scene that can only be fully experienced by being there. Trust me, I tried my best, but the photo just does not do justice to what my eyes saw there. What you see in this image is the town of Paro as seen from the museum. :)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Berlin

enter image description here

An Enfuse composite of three photos. Bigger version

Portrait of a Barred Owl

Portrait of a Barred Owl

See the rest of the set here

enter image description here

Taken with my first DSLR, a Nikon D3200.

Shot at Lake George, NY.

ISO 100 @ 1/400
  • Hi pobourgeois, please read the rules in regards to size. Your image must be 210px in height (As a requirement for the site header on the main site. – damned truths Jul 3 '13 at 2:08
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    I did my checkout dives for my scuba diving on Lake George. Always forget that it is actually someplace people visit. – AJ Henderson Jul 3 '13 at 15:34
  • Yes ! We are from Quebec, Canada and I went there with my family. Awesome landscapes and great city with all the outlets and little shops/store around the lake. We really enjoyed our trip ! – Pierre-Olivier Jul 3 '13 at 22:29

Frozen Droplets

Frozen Droplets

Shot outside my house after an ice storm - where ice was forming on the plastic net shown. Postwork done in GIMP to create more contrast and dynamic range.

Download Full-Sized Image (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Com.)

  • 1
    Please see the size requirements for the contest. – Guffa Feb 11 '14 at 16:37
  • @Guffa Resized and ready. – bubbles Feb 13 '14 at 2:21

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