I stumbled on a question today that seemed like an ok question, good enough for an upvote but one of the answers snagged my attention so much that I wanted to favorite it. Favorites for me are like browser bookmarks, that i want to revisit to utilize every bit of info I can get out of it, time and time again. I realize that if I were to favorite the question, it would take me there still but I'd rather favorite the answer, so that the user who posted it would know they made a real impression on someone. Does that sound silly?

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    FWIW, I'd like this too.
    – mattdm
    Dec 20, 2012 at 20:26
  • I was going to write a site blog highlighting some of my favorite answers on the site (maybe as a regular feature). I never got around to it and got busy with other stuff, but maybe you'd like to do it instead? I don't think that replaces this feature request, but it's a parallel approach.
    – mattdm
    Dec 21, 2012 at 13:51
  • It's very tempting! I don't think I could commit to the time right now, but I'd love to maybe sometime in 4 or 5 months or so. That would be cool, actually.
    – huzzah
    Dec 21, 2012 at 14:49

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Under each question and answer there is a "share" link. Click that to get a permalink that will jump you directly to that question or answer. You could then just bookmark the permalink.

  • Well that's exactly what I'm talking about, thanks!!!
    – huzzah
    Dec 20, 2012 at 20:17
  • Still, it would be lovely to have the feature strictly for making good answerers happier to help out.
    – huzzah
    Dec 20, 2012 at 20:28

Why not favourite the question instead? You never know when a better answer might come along, too.

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    As I stated above, I'd rather favorite the answerer, as it is their thoughts I loved, not the question. This way, the user who gave the 'favorited' answer gets an ego boost, which is, in all seriousness, a good way to reinforce user activity on the site. Users that feel they are really contributing tend to be more active here, wouldn't you agree?
    – huzzah
    Dec 20, 2012 at 19:51

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