First off, I hope this is an appropriate use of the meta site.

I'm looking for guidance prior to asking, as I understand this can be a subjective question... The body of my question follows the line. Any tips on shaping it up prior to asking (or nixing it altogether) would be great.

How do you ask strangers for a model release?

I've searched google a bit, and there are some answers out there, but figured I'd ask here and perhaps we can really centralize some good techniques.

And the periphery:

  • Any good "opening lines"?

  • Does an electronic release vs. a paper release seem to make it easier?

  • What kinds of turn downs do you get, and what are good ways of handling those?

  • Do you offer print(s) in exchange for releases? What other terms do you use?

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    I guess I'll just take the lack of comments as a lack of concerns...
    – kenny
    Jul 18, 2013 at 20:31

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I think it's fine as far as being on topic, but it's also been asked several times before:

How to ask permission from a stranger to take their portrait? (marked as a duplicate of How do I approach people for a natural look in street photography?)


How should I approach people to take their portrait?


What workflow should I use for managing model releases?

  • Hah. I went through every question tagged model-release. I think that's why I missed the first several you listed. I saw the last, but thought it was well enough different to be considered its own question. I'll hold off unless others express interest in seeing the question hit the floor.
    – kenny
    Jul 19, 2013 at 5:42

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