About an hour ago I asked a question. That was taken as a "primarily opinion-based" question in accordance to the first comment.

Initial title was "Is additional 3% of sRGB coverage and 3" worth additional 150$", so yes it is sort of primarily opinion-based. But essentially, everything in photography (IMHO) except pure technical aspects is opinion-based.

So, probably the words "opinion-based" are not correct in general? (By analogy with Stackoverflow I suppose that it is one of the reasons for question closing on this site).


The opinion part is "is it worth it" question. That is up to you, but a better question is more about what gains are had by the differences as the edited title would suggest.


Take a look at this (old but still relevant) blog post http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/09/good-subjective-bad-subjective/.

In general, on Photo-SE, we're relatively tolerant of subjective questions about the art of photography itself (see 'Art' questions: how subjective is too subjective?), and a lot less so on subjective questions about gear (which in many cases come down to personal preference rather than something where individual answers encompass a wide range of experience).

As Joanne notes, whether a feature or benefit is worth a certain dollar figure is particularly individual; it's better to ask about the importance and usefulness of the feature itself, and then judge the worth for yourself.

I think your basic question in this case is fine, and amenable to answer by experienced experts.

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