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Hall of Fame

17 December 2017 - Matthieu Moy
22° halo - Matthieu Moy

7 December 2017 - Syed Umar Ahmed
Untitled - Syed Umar Ahmed

16 November 2017 - rcs
Sunset- rcs

Larger: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93042890@N07/16624886930/

31 October 2017 - Tim Medora
Lightning strike - tim-medora

13s @ f2.8 ISO 100
Canon 6D/Rokinon 14mm/Giottos tripod

[Larger version][1]

21 October 2017 - Halil Ibrahim
Build machines - halil-ibrahim

1/5 f/5.6 ISO 800 50.0 mm
50mm F1.7 Minolta

[Larger version on Flickr][2]

11 October 2017 - donovan
Build machines - donovan

01 October 2017 - Jorge Córdoba
Build machines - Jorge Córdoba

NIKON D7000 ISO 200, f/4.5 18mm. Full size: https://flic.kr/p/mbTD5K

20 September 2017 - sarge-borsch
A lake near Perkjärv- sarge-borsch

11 September 2017 - feetwet
Untitled - feetwet

Teaspoon under a street cafe's umbrella. I was mesmerized by the way the handle transformed the umbrella's spokes. I only had my phone's camera handy. Fortunately when the subject presents itself that can be all it takes.

Full size here

04 September 2017 - Amritpal
Random Flower in Lawn - Amritpal

28 August 2017 - A K
Untitled - A K

21 August 2017 - Matthieu Moy
Untitled - Matthieu Moy
Full size

It's a Thomisidae, sometimes called "crab spider". Usually lives on a flower, waiting for insects to come. It can even change color and become yellow to hide better on yellow flowers.

14 August 2017 - Tetsujin
Buick Sunset - Tetsujin

Full size on Imgur

Ironically, taken the day after I got my new camera... but didn't have it with me,
so this was shot on an iPhone.

Hard crop on the left to remove some very ugly buildings & emphasise the lighting. The additional lighting through & underneath the car, & also the highlighting on the front grille were actually coincidental & fortuitous.
I was on location for a movie, on the tarmac at a small airport. The set is behind me; the car wasn't in the scene so was parked off to one side. The lighting was therefore 'just there'.

It's had some cleanup in Photoshop [& the irritating distraction of another hopeful photographer 100yds away, right in the middle of the shot removed] but far less added colour-punch than you would think - it really did look very much like that on the day. It doesn't hurt at all the the car is actually dark purple anyway.

Edit: I just realised - for anyone thinking the wet tarmac matches neither the sky nor the dry car - it's because the set had been wet down for the scene... again totally fortuitous.

07 August 2017 - riot
Golden - riot

Higher-res view and more info: http://fav.me/dcxbr1

25 July 2017 - arkadi
Comarch Oddział Warszawa - arkadi

Exif: 18mm / ƒ/16 / 1/30s / ISO 400

17 July 2017 - Alex
Game of Geometry - Alex

Original Version

Camera Canon EOS 650D
Lens Canon 50mm
Focal Length 50mm
Shutter Speed 1/400 sec
Aperture f/4
ISO/Film 100

10 July 2017 - Greg
Untitled - Greg

City panorama taken in Budapest, Hungary from the Gellert Hill. Nikon D610 + 18-35mm

03 July 2017 - mattdm
Assembly - mattdm

I really liked the colors of this construction site, with the orange safety fence and the cyan/blue-green insulation. But, I couldn't find an angle which really made it interesting, until I found this mirror at a nearby intersection. (Click for larger version.)

27 June 2017 - Brad Nesom
Untitled - Brad Nesom

18 June 2017 - floyd-pink
Yet Another Dusk- floyd-pink

Clicked at Ocean City, Maryland with a Canon Rebel XSi and an EF-S 10-22mm. Processed single raw as an HDR in Digital Photo Professional. Larger Image: [500px][3]

10 June 2017 - aditya
Upon us all, a little rain must fall- aditya

31 May 2017 - mattdm
This Area is Being Videotaped- mattdm

09 May 2017 - horaciux
Seagull - horaciux

28 April 2017 - matthieu-moy
Refuge de la Glière - matthieu-moy

[Larger image][4]

21 April 2017 - andy-m
Friendship - andy-m

    Canon EOS 6D
    Lens : EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
    Focal Length : 100mm
    Shutter Speed : 1/2 s
    Aperture : f/14
    ISO/Film : 1600

Larger version on [500px][5]

14 April 2017 - goodsp33d
Aero India 2013 - goodsp33d

06 April 2017 - michal
Library foyer - michal

[Full size][6]

Camera: Nikon D5000
Lens: 18-105/3.5-5.6 AF-S
Focal lenght: 18 mm
Apperture: f/8
ISO: 1600

30 March 2017 - olin-lathrop
Thru the Aspen Forest - olin-lathrop

[Larger version][7]

I really liked the way the morning light filtered thru the aspens on this hike up Escudilla in eastern Arizona on 14 August 2013. The lower part of the trail from the road at Terry Flat predominantly passes thru this aspen forest.

19 March 2017 - russell-mcmahon
Shanghai Tower - looking down - russell-mcmahon

Larger slightly wider version [here][8].

Taken from the (non)-viewing gallery at the upper level in the Shanghai tower. A rail + cables barrier fence and here is provided 2+ metres back from the glassless sloping viewing "window" which itself has anti-suicide cables strung across it. No downwards view. You have to climb up (not over) the 'fence,' lean out over it, support your feet somewhere to balance, hold the camera at arm's length pointing down (well secured by strap) and hope you've got it right.

11 March 2017 - tim-medora
Jumping spider - tim-medora

Larger image: http://medoragroup.com/share/img_9278.jpg

Canon 6D
MPE-65 @ roughly 1.5x
ISO 2500, 1/320s, f/6.3
Ring light + sunlight

01 March 2017 - BiGYaN
Tree during sunrise - BiGYaN

Clicked at 0630 yesterday with a Canon 55-250 on a 1000D. Photoshopped to add more red to the sky. Larger: http://flic.kr/p/jvWddM

21 February 2017 - namtab
Galway, Ireland - namtab

14 February 2017 - eliseo-ocampos
Sunset in Montevideo, Uruguay - eliseo-ocampos

Nikon D3100 + Sigma 70-300mm @300mm, f/5.6 @1/2000, ISO 100

07 February 2017 - riot
Dreams of the Sea - riot

Although initially this may seem a casual snapshot, in fact it's been an exercise in extreme control - not a single pixel has been left to chance here. An assistant threw gravel at the subject until the ripples on the water and reflections came out exactly how i wanted them - just enough texture to stand out, while maintaining the silent silky feel of the seawater. Part of a series of photographs shot for a close friend, images of aquatic dissolution, peace in drowning and strength in human creations left to decay by water are intended here. No crop, cloning of sensor dust and a few distracting specks of dirt on the water, contrast curve adjustment, desaturation with partial blue filter simulated via channel mixer, duotone conversion with a custom sepia curve (using Pantone Warm Grey 7CV), mild dodging and burning, small increase in vibrance, resize, sharpen. High-res view and more info on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d5gk36l

30 January 2017 - jafin
Untitled - jafin

5D Mk II @40mm EF17-40 f/4L 25s @ f/11

22 January 2017 - chaithanya-m
Water droplets on leaves - chaithanya-m

Taken with Canon Rebel XS (lens was either EF-S 18-55 or EF-S 55-250, don't remember anymore) @ 55mm & f/5.6

15 January 2017 - jahaziel
¡Vámonos! - jahaziel

08 January 2017 - damned-truths
A Cliche - damned-truths

01 January 2017 - michael nielsen
Death - michael nielsen

25 December 2016 - russell mcmahon
Seeking support - russell mcmahon




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