Can we get rid of the image tag? It's way too broad - (almost) any question on the site could be tagged this with no value added. It has no tag wiki or usage description. It only has 43 questions, none of which could not fit into another tag (or are off topic) from what I saw.

It does seem very broad. The thing to do would be to go to each of the 43 questions and retag them (the first one I found had only one tag: [image]). Once the tag isn't in use in any questions I believe it will disappear after a period of disuse.

I would suggest not editing 43 questions in one go as it will bump them to the front page.

Not sure how to prevent it from making a reappearance - perhaps make it a tag synonym with something more specific like image-quality?

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    You can blacklist tags if they keep reappearing (or so I've heard). Potentially we wouldn't need to do that though. I'd say don't make [image] a synonym with [image-quality] though. They don't really mean the same thing – Cullub Aug 9 at 4:13

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