It's been more than six months since this post promising

Generating revenue from non-technology sites will enable us to dedicate more resources to meeting your needs so this is good news.

(Emphasis original)

... and thirteen weeks since the last update from anyone on Stack Exchange staff to What can Stack Exchange do to better build a photography community of practice here?, which was my attempt to be practical and positive rather than cynical.

On that last post in September, a Stack Exchange staff member said "Updates to come soon." Can we at least have a little update, please? I'm swinging back around to cynical on this.

And see Photography Gear Lending Library - brainstorming, from 2012. I'm not calling for the reinstatement of that particular program, but it was exactly the kind of experimentation and involvement I hoped that this meant. And there was that time all high-rep users got a shipment of swag (stickers, a Photo-SE logo t-shirt, and a custom Photo-SE microfiber cloth!) — not necessary, but definitely made me feel appreciated. I was genuinely hoping this meant a return to that level of attention or even better, where it felt like a collaborative partnership between community building questions and answers and company providing support and enablement.

Or is it all just platitudes to make us feel better about our free sharing of knowledge being monetized while company neglect continues?

Note: in order to increase the chances of getting some kind of attention, I have cross-posted this to the main Meta site.



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