As previously announced the current election wasn't able to gather the required number of candidates to be competitive. We must consider this a failed election and have halted it.

The next steps are for the Community to consider here what may have gone wrong, if we can have more interest on a new one, and if so, when can we host a new one.

We usually wait a month between elections and trying again, however, being that we have many elections to run across the network, it may be possible to wait a little bit longer, but not a ton, Photography needs an election sooner rather than later.

Thank you!

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    Would it count as competitive if I were to run while endorsing the others? :) – gerrit Jul 9 at 9:52
  • @gerrit Well, yes. But we also don't recommend people running just to inflate the count. – Cesar M Jul 9 at 15:43

I hesitated to recommend this prior to the deadline, but I see no risk doing so now: couldn't the number of open mod slots have been reduced to 1, to at least have an election? As it stands, our current moderators won't get any relief at all. At least with an election for 1 slot, they can bring a new mod up to speed and possibly start taking the load off of them.

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Any attempt to garner nominations might be more successful if the page upon which nominations can be made was not totally almost impossible to find.

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