I'd like to ask for opinions about a photography competition on this site, further to the discussion in comments in this post: Photo Competition 2020-01: Portraits by candlelight

I'm a keen SE supporter, and my job revolves around photography and video, hence I'm keen to encourage some sort of photo competition on this site. I'd like to support SE with my time and I've seen the occasional post asking for entries for a monthly competition, but reviewing these questions, I can see there are both good and bad points to the way it's been done. I'd like to critique the method currently, make some suggestions to get people thinking and then open this for input from the other users on this forum to get feedback.

  • Consistency: I think that the competition needs to be consistent, so that users can rely on there being a competition every month, and they know what it entails. Maybe the post needs to be created a week before the end of the previous month. Maybe also we should have a rolling 3 month list of topics, so that we know what the topics of competition are going to be for the next 3 months, and we can prepare and start thinking about it?
  • Reward: At the moment I think the reward is to have your image featured on this website. I think it's good as it gets a lot of visibility and promotes your profile. However, does everyone feel this is fair and enough? Maybe the image could be displayed more prominently or have more details about the creator?
  • Credibility: We want Photography SE to be credible and having a good competition promotes user interaction and gives us a good photo gallery that shows the users are active and joining in.

I'm keen to get everyone's thoughts:

  • How would be best to work the competition so that everyone feels comfortable and keen to join in?
  • Do we need some sort of copyright protection so that everyone feels at ease sharing their work?
  • I wondered about having an extra tab on the side menu where you have Home, Questions, Tags etc, and call it Competition - all competitions could be featured under this to make it more prominent?

I know I don't have tons of experience here but I'd be happy to put time into helping make this work if we're prepared to support it. What does everyone think? Suggestions welcome :)

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    Most photographers have monetised websites. Maybe a link promoting their website would be part of the reward? – 5Diraptor Jul 6 '20 at 6:21
  • Uh? More like 0.00001%; given the number of cameras sold. – xenoid Jul 6 '20 at 7:00
  • The third point about the "extra tab" needs SE devs' time and resource, and customization only for 1 site will possibly be considered the lowest priority. Note that we, the users here, are only contributing through posting but not developing. – Andrew T. Jul 6 '20 at 18:25

Proposal: Rules for *New* Photo Contest on Main Site

Keep in mind that anything you post on a SE site should be CC-BY-SA or better, so I'm not sure people who do photography for the money want to post their best shots here.

Personally I don't like the idea of competition for the sake of it. There are good photos and bad photos, but I don't think there is an absolute ordering. Since this a Q&A site people should be able to comment on the picture, but this often rejected as "opinion-based" even if there is a consensus.

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