I have an idea and would like to find an image that well illustrates it. It isn't mentioned explicitly in What topics can I ask about here?

Below is my sample question:

I am looking for images to illustrate an idea (or photographers that may produce image like that). I imagine the image would be a person giving us an impression that they are observing us carefully. Their look would be direct at us. However it doesn't feel like they are about to do any harm. Just a neutral observation on us. Some people may feel it's cold or detached.

I find this image in Unsplash whose eye depiction really fits what I'm looking for, but lying may not best describe the feeling of being observed carefully. I'm looking for other position, perhaps sitting or standing.


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This site is mostly dedicated to talking about how to create images, rather than how to find existing images. A question that would be on topic might be something like, "How do I create an image that illustrates an idea?" Another would be, "How do I create a photo like this example?"

Questions about how to locate images that are not historically significant to the science or art of photography, or that are not about otherwise iconic photos because they are images of historically significant events or persons, have been routinely closed here in the past.

When we do talk about existing images, they tend to be images that were historically significant in the development of the science and art of photography.


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