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Here are all the images featured on the homepage from the beginning of 2021 in reverse chronological order. Historical archives for previous years, see the archives list at the end.

Hall of Fame

3 May 2021: Picasso in Four Dimensions

Picasso in Four DimensionsLightBender

Picasso in Four Dimensions – LightBender

Shot through a cascading sheet of water, using the water rather than the lens to blur and distort the model. (Honestly never thought I'd actually get to use this for anything other than having a little fun experimenting in the back yard.)

Nikon D300; Nikkor 70-300mm @ 145mm; 1/125sec; F7.1; ISO 200

January 30, 2011; Knoxville, TN

26 April 2021: Working Through the Night

Working Through the Nightwhackamadoodle3000

Working Through the Night – whackamadoodle3000

April 12th 2021 1:30 AM, Los Gatos, CA

iPhone 7+, my keyboard, and solely my monitor/keyboard backlight used for lighting

Swirled my phone at the keyboard to represent my state of mind. If you're wondering why you can see discrete keys instead of just a blurry spiral, it's because the keys actually blink faster than I can see (did a slowmo of my keyboard), so on a slow exposure each of these blinks is recorded, breaking up the blur into pieces.

19 April 2021: Andromeda Galaxy/Messier 31

Andromeda Galaxy/Messier 31Jonas

Andromeda Galaxy/Messier 31 – Jonas

Location: Taken from my backyard in Southern Germany (Bortle 4)

Date: February 13, 2021

Camera: Nikon D5300 with Tamron 70-210mm f/4 @135mm, ISO 4000, f/4, 1.3s

I stacked 350 light frames with some calibration frames in Deep Sky Stacker and processed in Photoshop and StarNet++. If anyone is interested, I mostly followed the process described in this video: ANDROMEDA GALAXY with only a Camera, Lens, & Tripod.

Considering this photo was taken without a star tracker and a beginner DSLR, I am quite happy with the result even though it is admittedly noisy. I hope it might encourage someone to try astrophotography out themselves, without needing expensive equipment.

12 April 2021: Up There

Kaylee mid-flightBaz

Kaylee mid-flight – Baz

This is a shot of my wee dog Kaylee chasing after her ball jumping across the heather.

Location: Sidlaw Hills near Dundee, Scotland

Date: 2020-11-28

Camera: Panasonic DC-GX9, 12-60@39mm (image cropped in post), f/5.4, 1/800 sec, iso 200

4 April 2021: Transportation

Tired man after workphuclv

Tired man after work – phuclv

Ho Chi Minh city, 29 Jan 2019

29 March 2021: Transportation

No ParkingTetsujin

No Parking – Tetsujin

Our neighbours woke us up in the middle of the night with "I think you ought to come & see this…"

The Merc that the BMW came to rest against is mine. The driver had managed to lose control so spectacularly that he wrote off 6 cars on a road only 80 metres long, some much worse than you can see here, he'd managed to surf along a few. Mine was miraculously untouched.

Nikon D5500 50mm 1.4 2xGodox V860II - one on-camera, the other held by the neighbour.
Sept 2017, North London.

22 March 2021: Reflections

How I need to feel!MiguelH

How I need to feel! – Bodkin's Best Photography

Date: 27/02/2020
Place: Piha Beach, NZ

14 March 2021: Reflections

Long Exposure Over Local LakeBodkin's Best Photography

Long Exposure Over Local Lake – Bodkin's Best Photography

Subject: Local Lake
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Date: January 2021

Long Exposure Over Local Lake

8 March 2021: Straight out of Camera

Black & White Self - CavemanEric Duminil

Black & White Self - Caveman – Eric Duminil

It's a self portrait, taken in front of my house, in Stuttgart, on the 26th of September 2009.

Shot with D90 in RAW+JPG mode, and BW preset already applied. The only thing I changed after taking the picture was to choose "M" size in order to stay under the 2MB limit. (Here's a large JPEG in original size and with EXIF preserved.)

D90 + Tokina 11-16, 16mm, f/7.1, 1/200s. Multiple flashes.

1 March 2021: Straight out of Camera

Maroon Bells in Moonlightscottbb

Maroon Bells in Moonlight – scottbb

Taken at the edge of Maroon Lake in the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area, west of Aspen, Colorado, USA, two nights before full moon on September 25, 2015, 2:40 AM.

Nikon D800E and PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5 ED lens; ISO 3200, ƒ/5.6, 30 sec.

This was trying to dial in Scheimpflug tilt to maximize depth of field with a wide aperture, under dark conditions. I learned a lot in the effort; primarily, I still have a lot of practice to go.

22 February 2021: Imperfectly Beautiful

Metallophone with missing keyItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere

Metallophone with missing key – ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere

The Sensory Garden, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK, May 2018.

15 February 2021: Lomography

(no title)MiguelH

3rd place – MiguelH

Taken at Wicksteed Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire. January 2018. An early 2mb digital Panasonic camera. Now no longer in existence, but it was a point and shoot! Some additional editing later.

8 February 2021: Imperfectly Beautiful

Imperfect symmetrysasha

Imperfect symmetry – sasha

Chinatown, NYC. Jan 26, 2020.

29 January 2021: Lomography

(no title)Ed on PCR

2nd place – Ed on PCR

Taken on a Minolta 35mm film camera circa 1980. The image was transferred from negative to digital in 2008. Colors are faded, resolution is crap, but it is still an interesting photo to me.

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    It's great to see these photos. They're a great source of inspiration into what can be captured and shown. – Jason TEPOORTEN Nov 2 '12 at 22:13
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    I haven't been back to photography much recently, except to come and check on the hall of fame. I'm sure I've said it before, but every time I'm blown away by the quality and diversity and downright awesomeness of your weekly photos! – Benjol Feb 14 '13 at 6:44

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