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Here are all the images featured on the homepage from the beginning of 2020 in reverse chronological order. Historical archives for previous years, see the archives list at the end.

Hall of Fame

1 June, 2020: Lomography

Audi on turntable, @Paris Auto show 2001Alaska Man

Audi on turntable, @Paris Auto show 2001

Camera: Zero Image 4x5 Pinhole camera, 4x5 film, Lith Print, Black & White Silver Gelatin, Straight scan of print ( no post color added.)

I do not remember details, I wanna say Ilford HP5 ? @ 30 seconds to one minute exposure, tripod on the turntable with the car.

14 February, 2020: Imperfectly Beautiful

Razor Wire, Wiesbaden, Feb 4, 2020rackandboneman

Razor Wire, Wiesbaden, Feb 4, 2020

Note: Looks like selective color when viewed at a small size. None applied. Just odd, found lighting and camera settings happening to be a little on the weird side from previous night photography....

29 January, 2020: Portraits by candlelight

Wielder of the Secret FireLightBender

Wielder of the Secret Fire

Camera:   Nikon D700
Lens:     Nikkor 105mm 2.8 Macro
Aperture: f/16
Shutter:  1/5s
ISO:      1600

Shot in RAW, converted to B&W in Photoshop with a little dodging for good measure.

30 December 2019: 'Tis the season for a fresh start

Life changing goodness and definitely new beginnings - On Break

Life changing goodness and definitely new beginnings

Location: Iceland on a waterfall that I still can't pronounce
Date: December 2017

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