What is your favourite photographic inspiration?

Which photographer do you find inspirational?

These seem to be very very similar, to the point there are a few answers that are duplicated. Merge and close one?

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I agree that they are duplicates, but I think

which photographer do you find inspirational

Is a far more useful form than

Share a photo you find inspirational

Since, looking at a photographer allows you to study them as a professional, their techniques, their approach, etc. It's a better, more generally useful way to approach this.

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I agree with you there, they are both very similar.

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I'm voting to close, a mod could merge the two.

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I read the first one What is your favourite photographic inspiration? is in other words asking "what inspires you in photography time and time again?"

My answer would have been: "Sunrise is the thing that again and again inspires me." and given one example shot of my own photos of a sunrise.

I read the other one impossible for me to answer, because there is no such photographer that inspires me. How could there be, I don't know any photographer well enough. I hardly recognise some names when I see them mentioned on the PhotoSE site. So I could not have answered that question in any way.

So, to my eyes, they were far different questions, asking for totally different answers. But I guess I read the questions somehow wrong, because here it looks like everybody is thinking them as duplicates.

What more, they are both closed. A duplicate pointing to a closed question. End of story.

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  • must be the word "photographic" that I'm misreading. – Esa Paulasto May 13 '13 at 20:49

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