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What can Stack Exchange do to better build a photography community of practice here?

As Stack Exchange plans to expand advertising to this site, staff says: Thanks entirely to the efforts of your community, this site has become an amazing resource on the internet. Generating ...
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"Good news" and non-technology

Does this "good news" mean that we might get some resources or features to help us with attracting users interested in the "non-technology" aspects of photography? Because that's precisely what we've ...
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Contest refresh suggestion: let's take entries on the *main* site

I'm taking inspiration from @xenoid's answer to Is there any hope for making this site about photography?: Maybe the weekly contest is a wasted occasion? Instead of adding a picture as an answer to ...
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8 answers

Is there any hope for making this site about photography?

We sure are good at getting questions on what camera is better than what other camera, and we're perfectly great at answering questions about optics and mechanics and how buttons and dials work. We're ...
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