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Let's change the Photo-SE badge icons to something specific to photography!

Some of the Stack Exchange communities have custom badge icons (skeptics is the first one that comes to mind). I think it would be really neat if we replaced our generic copper, silver, and gold ...
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Retired badges?

The Analytical badge has retired, no more to be given to anybody because there is no FAQ anymore, right? That's how I understand the word 'retired'. Now, why are Precognitive and Beta not retired? ...
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Why do I recieve a badge for a down vote when I immediately undid the downvote?

I received the critic badge even after I immediately undid my downvote. Is rhis a bug or is it by design?
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Why doesn't this answer qualify for the Populist badge?

My answer on " Should I shoot underexposed photos? " - has 20 votes, and the accepted answer has 10. Why isn't this the Populist badge? Populist - "Provided an answer that outscored an accepted ...
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The 'Electorate' Badge explantation doesn't make sense...

Is it just me (and it may indeed be just me!) or does the explanation text for the 'Electorate' badge make absolutely no sense? "Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions"...
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