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Can software specific or software issue questions be asked?

I've been having issues migrating to a new PC with a new version of Lightroom. I've already done some looking up and all the help that's on the Adobe support forums have not been what my issue is. ...
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Stop voting to close questions with the forbidden word

I have been active on this site for a few years now, so I think I have noticed a trend. Whenever someone asks, let's say about lighting but mention a forbidden word "Video" the question is ...
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Is it appropriate to downvote well-meaning, on-topic questions that don't fit the Stack Exchange format?

Case in point, Inspiring biographies of photographers, which asks: Just asking, also for future reference: Have you read any inspiring biographies on photographers? Which ones do you recommend?...
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What makes a question too broad?

Comparing these two questions: Fun experiments I can do with my bridge camera? What apertures are required to enable autofocus, including cross-type or high-precision focusing, on Canon DSLR cameras? ...
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Has something happened to our custom close reasons?

I'm think I'm probably being incredibly stupid here, so please feel free to point out the obvious... but I can't seem to find our custom close reasons (product or service recommendation / videography) ...
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