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Is a reference to Ken Rockwell in an answer more or less divisive and provocative than a divisive, provocative comment about Ken Rockwell?

If Ken Rockwell stating in a lens review that "an f/4.5 lens is slow" is provocative and divisive, what is the following comment¹ to an answer to this question? Apparently it was divisive and ...
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Please put your answers in the answers section, even if they're short

It's sometimes tempting to put short answers into the comments section of a question, rather than putting them as answers. Stack Exchange site guidance discourages this. Instead, please post answers ...
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Sizester and Dan - problem?

We've got a new member today 'Dan' who seems to be bent on promoting his own product 'Sizester'. His first question was more of an advert and he's supplied two answers that both promote his product. I'...
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3 votes
6 answers

Is it gaming the system to edit a question you've also answered?

I'm a little twitchy about editing questions after answers start showing up, since I believe that changes to the question can (unintentionally) orphan answers to that original question. In a recent ...
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What is the meaning of a vote in the "Weekly Featured Image" questions?

(I'd post this on, but last time I checked it didn't yet exist ;-)) The [latest Weekly Featured Image question][1] states: The goal of this contest is to pick a winner that the ...
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Is it bad etiquette to include Amazon affiliates tags in links?

Is it bad etiquette to include Amazon affiliates tags in links? It doesn't seem unreasonable to me, but I will certainly not include them if the community frowns on the practice.
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3 answers

The moderator power of "vote to close"

Now that several of us have moderator privileges, I think its time to discuss when one of us should step in and vote to close. I was chatting with Robert Cartaino earlier today, and he mentioned that ...
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