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Can we have MathJax please to format mathematical formulas?

Other SEs can format mathematical formulas in a way called mathjax. It makes fractions and equations and pretty much everything mathematical look good. It's a subset of tex for the internet and it ...
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1 answer

The use of spaces between numerals and unit is the standard in the English language

The SI system recommends a space between a number and its units degree in most cases except for the rare symbols for degree, minute, and second for plane angle, as in 30° 22′ 8″. Yet it's very common ...
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1 answer

How tags are used for the "cross out" format?

I know how to bold and italicise, but not cross out (line through text). See mattdm's answer of "life" and "chololates".
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1 answer

Why are the text formatting tags different in a comment than to a question/answer?

In a question/answer, the Bold tags are 2x asterisks: **Bold** And Italics is a single asterisk: *Italics* However, in the ...