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Highlight particularly interesting or fun questions, comments, answers?

I'll give an example first, and then explain. So, a comment on this answer reads: I, your dashing and charming husband, came onto this site a few weeks ago to research an anniversary gift for ...
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Photo contests - How about just once a month?

I've just been reading this question, and I have a suggestion for a compromise for having photo contests on this site. I think having everyone open their own contest questions would be bad thing, for ...
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5 answers

Do we have to be Stack Overflow?

Okay, I'm a techie, a software programmer and architect, so I participate in a site that is highly technical. However, photography is really meant to be art, it is the essence of the shot. Do we ...
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The "fun" tag and off-topic early questions

the inevitable Joke and Quote questions are already up... how will they be dealt with? Some have already pointed out that they are off-topic according to the FAQ... but similar questions helped to ...
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