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Why the need to downsize embedded images in questions to the size of postage stamps?

Am I the only person that still accesses this site on a large enough monitor (with a non-metered internet connection) that prefers images that fill the column width to downsized versions that look ...
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"Parts of this page are insecure" warning from Firefox

Since the great HTTPS switchover, I'm getting a "Parts of this page are not secure (such as images)" warning when viewing the main Photo SE site (Firefox 45.9.0 on Debian, in case it matters). I'm ...
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Can I ask for someone to post some photos from a camera?

Can I ask someone to post some images from a particular camera without getting the question down-voted?
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RFE: make the image button auto-link to a scaled-down version

When posting example images, people often embed the full-sized link. This is great when that detail is important to answering the question, but also uses a lot of bandwidth. The Stack Exchange hosting ...
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How do I quickly and easily resize images in posts?

I've uploaded an image from my camera, and its huge. Now people are telling me that they want it smaller so they can download it quickly or without eating up too much mobile data. How can I provide ...
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Should we reject edits which embed external images into a post?

[ For avoidance of doubt: I don't think there's any particular significance to the specific question and edit I've linked to here. It's not intended as criticism of the actions of any one person at ...
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How should we insert/link to online images of others?

There seems to be a convention here where photos belonging to others are text-linked, not hot-linked. But I would much rather see the image in Q&As than have to click through links that are ...
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Searching for posts with photos

I often find that looking at photo.SE posts that include images is a fun and educational thing to do. You can learn about mistakes people do, or new techniques, or old techniques applied in new ...
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Can we get the image upload form to include some license text?

When someone uploads an image, I'd like to see something like: When you upload an image to this site, we encourage you to release that image (at the resolution uploaded), under the Creative ...
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Allow Users with Low Rep to Edit their own Questions Without Removing any Images

The only question I have so far asked really required an image to illustrate the point. Another user with sufficient rep kindly added the image to the original question with an edit. I now have ...
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Why is image linked from, although it's been added to

I had a problem viewing second image in @Karel's answer to "Are there reasons to use colour filters with digital cameras?". When editing the answer, the image seems to be at
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Why do so many questions lack images?

This is obviously a photography site. Most(if not all) of the users here have the images they ask questions about in digital form, that can easily be uploaded to this site(unless I am missing ...
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Do Photos Uploaded Here Have to Be CC-Wiki Too?

Since everything on StackExchange sites are licensed with cc-wiki, does that affect photos which are uploaded using the new upload tool? For instance, if someone were to upload a photograph they took,...
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3 answers

Better Photo/Image Support in photo.SE

Currently the only way to insert is to use good html links, for which there icon for. I am thinking what might help grow this site if there is a way to maybe have a popup the shows your gallery from ...