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"Recommend Deletion"

Greetings enthusiasts, I've crossed over the 2K reputation mark (which is well back in the rear-view mirror for probably everyone reading this) and now StackExchange is suggesting that I review "...
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How nuclear do we want to go on low-quality posts?

It is often the case that posts which don't directly answer the question, are weirdly rambling and indirect, or otherwise don't really fit the high standards we are looking for here are flagged and ...
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1 answer

Can I ask a question like this?

Having read this meta answer, Am I good to go with a question like the following When I'm using my compact digital camera, what is the best way to hold the lens cap. (this is very useful when ...
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New review system reduces our ability to help out new users?

So, apparently anonymous edits need to be approved by two people in order to be approved. I approve a lot of edits from new users who are trying to help the site. They're usually both good and ...
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