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Several 404s when visiting the website

When I was visiting the photo.SE yesterday, I noticed the following: In case these links go broken again, these SE files for banners etc. should not be kept on imgur IMO. Update: I can't seem to ...
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Has something happened to our custom close reasons?

I'm think I'm probably being incredibly stupid here, so please feel free to point out the obvious... but I can't seem to find our custom close reasons (product or service recommendation / videography) ...
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Text not visible, when adding image

Below is the screenshot, when I try to add the image, the text appear in the prompt box are not visible and hard to read and I'm using updated 24.0 Mozilla Firefox browser.
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Is there a reason the standard font is a bold font?

The standard font chosen for the body of the photography site posts looks quite heavy. Also, the choice to do this has made emboldened text in questions and answers not visibly different from the ...
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why is editing tags not considered an edit?

When I edit a post and add more tags, my edits are not accepted as an edit as it needs 6 or more non-space characters replaced in the body. While on the other stackexchange (electronics, serverfault) ...
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User page layout borked in Firefox?

Maybe it's just me, but this is what the user page looks like in Firefox (but not in IE or Chrome).
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Why does Firefox 13 not display images?

When using photo.SE in Firefox 13 I cannot see images such as the PoW image. This is what I see: It also doesnt display pictures in questions and answers. thanks in advance for answers.
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Problem with Blogger OpenID

I tried to join this site using my OpenID - but it gave me an HTTP 414 error. I have already joined several other stackexchange sites using my blogger ID, so it's either something from ...
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