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Photography new site theme is ready for testing

We have enabled the new site theme for testing on your site. How do I enable it? Click here and check the "Beta test new themes". This will turn on the new theme for any site, including this ...
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Edits on meta are hard to read

I was looking through an edit on a meta post made by another user today, and found it very hard to read. There is limited contrast between the text and the background, and so the only viable option ...
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Picture of the Week Theme: Classical Elements 'Fire' for week of April 2, '12

Picture of the Week Theme Announcement The first community-elected Picture of the Week theme will be running for the week of March 12th, 2012. The theme is The Classical Elements, 'Air', one of a ...
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38 answers

Photo of the Week Theme Ideas Archive

This thread contains all past ideas for the Theme of the Week. Ideas submitted by members in the PotW Theme Ideas thread will be copied here, and any ideas created by a moderator if there were no ...
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30 votes
13 answers

Photo of the Week Theme Ideas

This is the official thread for submitting theme ideas for the Photo of the Week competition. Whenever a new photo contest rolls around (currently they are running bi-weekly) we will take the top-...
20 votes
3 answers

Official: Picture of the Week Themes

Current theme: none this week During the Christmas of 2011, PhotoSE introduced themes for the Picture of the Week (PotW) contest. Themes were an idea that had been floating around for some time, ...
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14 votes
1 answer

PotW Theme: Christmas and the Holidays

Many of us have discussed the option of having "theme" weeks for the Picture of the Week contest. It was recently proposed that the next two weeks after the current contest be themes for Christmas and ...
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