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Weekly Featured Image: Jun 13, '11
22 votes

Tower Bridge by Night Long exposure (30s) shot taken on Tower Bridge about an hour after sunset. Flickr

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Weekly Featured Image: Dec 13 '10
8 votes

Carnival Rainbow

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Weekly Featured Image: Nov. 22, '10
7 votes

Setting Suns

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Is there a plan for a featured image on meta?
4 votes

I think you should use the 2nd place photo from the weekly featured image poll for the Meta header image. It seems a waste just having a blank box there :)

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Weekly Featured Image: May 31, '11
1 votes

Night Lights 2 Taken on the high road just outside my flat. On tripod, 30s exposure, f/16. White balence is quite off, but I quite like the warm feel it gives this shot.

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