Dove head-first into RoR on Heroku back in 2010. Helped create & run a multi-tenant e-commerce site for school and sports photography studios. Being one of two developers for the site, I knew just enough about CSS/HTML/Ruby/Rails/Heroku/SSL/DNS/SMPT, etc. to do some major damage when necessary. During it's short four-year lifespan, the site generated over $5 Million in gross sales. So I must have done something right. ;)

Now working in C# building mini-apps to perform a variety of tasks, utilizing RabbitMQ/EasyNetQ to send/receive messages for said tasks.

I've also spent thousands of hours working in Photoshop, and would consider myself an expert in most aspects of digital image post-production, with a strong background in color management, retouching, image enhancements, and color-correcting.

I've been cycle-commuting since 2008, rain or shine, on my beloved 80's Japanese steel touring road bike (Univega Gran Turismo), which I wouldn't trade for the world.

Oh yeah, and I'm kinda nuts about disc golf, too.

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