Please DON'T contact me if you're looking for free personal consulting!

Some people contacted me via email or chat to get more personal support: I'll do that for a hourly rate and consider this as consulting. I answer questions on SO voluntarily when I have the time and mood to do so. Everything else is a non free service! Please consider that when contacting me.

About me

I'm a professional web developer, mostly engaged with CakePHP related work. Check my Github profile for my CakePHP plugins. I've worked 7 years for the CakeDC and part of my work there was doing code reviews.

I like to write code in a reusable and modular way, I expect from myself and others to have and follow coding standards for formatting and application or framework specific guidelines. Also I honour principles and best practice like KISS and DRY.

Helping people on SO

I actually like to help people who show some effort and are able to do their 101 and are willing to learn. I don't like people crying for copy and paste ready code, because they're mostly lazy people not interesting in learning something and just interested in finding somebody doing their work. Also I expect people to be able to read documentation and using a web search like Google. It is unlikely that you're the first person encountering the problem, especially parser errors and other error messages.

If you're not able to find the most basic documentation by yourself and can't or won't read it or you can't phrase a question properly and describe your problem accurate, honestly, consider getting another job, programming is the wrong profession for you.