We have a great community wiki that defines many of the terms used in lenses here: What do all those cryptic number and letter codes in a lens name mean?

I recently asked the question: What is USM, and what are its pros and cons? I asked it not because I didn't know what the acronym stood for, but because I wanted to understand the details, reasons why you would want it, types of it, pros/cons, etc.

The issue I am wondering about is if we have this great community wiki with definitions for lens terminology, is it OK to ask further questions to get the details, or do we want to turn the community wiki that is already very long into an even longer answer?

My next example is the terminology DO, yes it defines it as Diffractive Optics in the wiki, but I have no idea what that means, and I don't see another question that asks all of the details of it.


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Detailed questions are certainly welcome as long as the question is not a duplicate.

The examples you have given are great ways to expand the knowledge available on the site, and would be great additions.

I think that these should be different questions, and could be linked to in the wiki, but should not be included. The purpose of that question was not to explain the details of every single technology, it was to explain the specific terminology that is used to describe a lens model.


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