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Should we [gently] critique images in the Weekly Photo Contests?

From comments on this week's contest - Photo Competition 2021-11-15: Landscapes Should we be free to gently critique pictures posted in the contests? I raised this initially because I really felt one ...
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Can I ask for a photo rating on the main site?

I submitted something for the old Photo of the Week competition. However, it probably won't get viewed. Can I post a question on the main site asking for a rating of my photo? Thanks!
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2 answers

What should we do about portfolio reviews?

This is actually the second meta question about Looking for feedback! Am I ready to take photography to the next level?. The other meta question focuses on the "starting a business" aspect. But, I ...
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How can we get more questions about photographs?

When I look at the front page of questions right now, I see a lot of questions about camera electronics and mechanics, about how lenses and focus work, mount adapters, artificial lighting, and photo ...
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Can we re-open the door to something a little like photo critique?

See How can we do photo critiques? and Should Photo Critiques be allowed? for previous discussion. It's generally been the consensus in the past that this is outside the charter of the site. But our ...
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What topic would you like to see as the basis for a chat event?

The photography chatroom has been a little bit quiet lately. While it's definitely okay for people not to use that feature, and it's a busy time of year for a lot of people, I thought it might be fun ...
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Critique Chat Times

We had our first critique chat yesterday, and it went pretty well. If you missed it and would like to see the transcript, we have it bookmarked so it's easy to find. Scheduled Times Going forward, ...
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Should Photo Critiques be allowed?

Should photo-stack allow posts asking for photo critiquing? Perhaps limit to X number of images, and make the page community wiki.
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